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The Mendez Law Firm located in Miami, Florida focuses on immigration, real estate and bankruptcy law. Our bankruptcy attorney and the firm’s focus is helping its clients face the legal issues related with bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, mortgage challenges and immigration process. The staff is ready to guide you to choose the best option for your case to represent your during any bankruptcy law procedure (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13), foreclosure and short sale litigation or Immigration proceedings.

Immigration & Bankruptcy Law Blog

Is your Business Drowning in Debt? Try Chapter 7

If your small business is in dire financial strait, declaring bankruptcy Chapter 7 may help; however, it will depend on several factors as follow:...

Practice Areas

Bankruptcy Attorney

  • Stop harassing phone calls
  • Modify your mortgage paying back late mortgage payments of over 36 or 60 Months
  • Stop bank and paycheck garnishes
  • Discharge some federal income taxes
  • Pay attorney fees over time

Real Estate Law

  • Avoid Foreclosure with a mortgage modification
  • Lessen the impact on your credit opting for a short sale

Immigration Attorney

  • Apply for the U.S. legal status that is proper
  • Process your green card without hassle
  • Become a U.S. citizen through Naturalization at the right time

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  • Flat Fee
  • Low Cost
  • Payment Plans



Mark Perez

“I hired Mr. Mendez for a Chapter 13 case. His prices were reasonable. And they gave us fantastic service. I was able to obtain a modification that lowered my payment by $750 and stopped a foreclosure. Thank you!!”

Manny Mendez

“Es un abogado excelente!!! Nos ayudo salvar nuestra casa. Great lawyer. Knows how to help. Great prices!!!!”